Justifying Teaching Approaches –Sushi Making Lesson

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Sushi making Lesson

The artefact I have selected is an array of photos of a Year 9 sushi making class. The activity of sushi making addresses key outcomes in 6.1.8 of the Professional Standards. My decision to include this as an artefact is because although it is simple and straightforward in nature, it is an invaluable opportunity to create authentic and meaningful hands on learning. One of the key learning outcomes is to engage students in learning of cultural and lifestyle aspects of the country of the target language – in this regard, sushi is somewhat of an ‘iconic’ food dish which is strongly tied with Japanese cultural identity and lifestyle. It relates to a lesson I gave during my second teaching practicum which was highly successful. The thought process I went through was to think of how I could authentically integrate culture and language into a lesson, and having made sushi on my own and finding it an excellent way to connect with the culture and language, I decided to adopt the concept of integrating sushi making as part of the a structured lesson.

The purpose of this specific teaching approach is to ensure a high and quality level of engaging and stimulating teaching. This lesson provides students with opportunity to learn the Japanese language creatively through the use of kinesthetic learning. The artefact is a prime example of teaching authentic and meaningful learning and applying it to language learning and culture.

As I only had one period in which to conduct this lesson, I had all the ingredients pre- prepared for the students prior to the commencement of the lesson. I first explained what all the ingredients were called in the target language and had signs and labelling for each ingredient beside the plate/bowl. For example, next to the carrot, I had the equivalent Japanese word ‘ninjin’ written and displayed beside. I then explained the procedure step by step in the target language and had a supplementary worksheet where the...
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