Justify the ways in which you gave children encouragement to express themselves.

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  • Published: November 28, 2013
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Justify the ways in which you gave children encouragement to express themselves. You will need to go into detail on how and why the activities were effective and give specific examples relating to individual children. This will cover the distinction criteria D2. Makes sure you do not identify any child in your report to maintain confidentiality.

For confidentiality reasons I will name the children Clare, Molly and Mary, in my placement the children are allowed to express their feelings freely. In my classroom the children are all set different activities to do that allow them to express how they feel. Activities such as the home corner, painting or even circle time. Each of these activities shows how the children react and express how they are feeling. When children are in the home corner playing with the dolls, they can act out what their parents are doing at home. Sometimes it could be good but other times the children could act out an aggressive argument. Children could be re-acting what happens in the house or what they have seen in someone else house. Children seem to always copy what a parent or older sibling does and Albert Bandura showed this in his experiment. His experiment was called the bobo doll theory, Albert had done hundreds of studies but the bobo doll theory is the one that stands out amongst the others. Albert made a video on the bobo doll and in the video was a female student beating up the bobo doll. The student would hit and kick the bobo doll and would hit it with a tiny hammer and sit on it while calling it aggressive names. The video was showed to kindergartners and they were sent into the room with the bobo doll and tiny hammers. The children basically beat the day lights out of the doll by kicking, punching and hitting it with the tiny hammers. In other ways the children just imitated what they saw the student doing in the video. Albert then showed the children a video of the student caring and being nice to the doll and he sent the children into the room and they began to do the same. Children learn from what they see. His findings formed the social learning theory. This clip was done in 1961. I researched Albert Bandura and this is what I found, “Albert Bandura is a psychologist working on the social cognitive or social learning theory. The social learning theory is the behaviour theory most relevant to criminology. Albert believed that aggression is learned through a process called behaviour modelling. He believed that individuals do not inherit the violent tendencies, but modelled them after three principles. Albert argued that children learn aggressive behaviour through others, in person or through the media or environment. Albert argued that aggression in children is influenced by family members, the media and the environment. Albert also said that children observe the people around them and observe them behaving in various ways.” Albert is showing how children are expressing their feeling and how they express them towards other children. In my placement, I would set activities for the children, I must be sure that I set the activity for the right age group. For example if I handed a puzzle to Molly and the age group was age 2+, Molly would get bored of the puzzle very easily because it’s too easy for her. If I handed her one that said 10+ she would get very frustrated and angry with the puzzle because it would be too hard for her to complete. I also must set an activity that is for their ability and is challenging for them. If the children have difficulty with small objects such as small Lego bricks they might have a slow development in motor skills. It’s important that you give the children bigger bricks that they won’t have difficulty with but you must consult this with the child and let them make the decision. I set a task for Mary and the task was for her to paint a picture. Letting her paint the picture helps her to express how she is feeling, if she uses bright colures this...
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