Justify the Need to Keep Records

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  • Published : October 23, 2011
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Justify the need for keeping records and describe the types of records you would maintain. Justify…….To demonstrate or prove to be right or valid.
For any organisation, learning environment and business, records and record keeping must be maintained. Not only to support the teaching and learning cycle but to satisfy the company organisation requirements, inspectors, regulators or verifiers. Records must be up-to-date, accurate factual and legible weather they are being stored manually or electorally as Gravells state’s in Pttle’s 2011. All records could tract a learner’s progress from start to finish. Also a colleague could take over the class if I was absent for any reason. In this piece of work I’m going to state what records are kept and for what reason. Identifying learners needs

* Qualification learner had to date…… I would have knowledge of academic level. * Individual learning plan……Idea what the learner expectations of me and the organisation were. Their goals and ambitions for their future. Further courses I could recommend * Special needs……Pull in the necessary resources needed, treat each learner as individual. * Date of birth…..My teaching method would adapt when teaching different age groups * Assessment/Entrance test……Another up-to-date method of standard and ability of learner. * Professional work experience …...Can give me confidence that the learner is to a certain standard, especially if it was supported by written reference. * Interview notes…..Answers to the questions I may have asked, my own first impression notes. Some of these records would be found on the learners enrolment or application form either manually or by computer. Lesson Planning

* Previous lesson plan/scheme of work…..ensures I do not repeat any subjects already been covered. * Timetable/Schedules……Not efficient teaching if my content doesn’t fill the lesson or equally have too much and have to rush through at the end. * Health & Safety...
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