Justify the Inclusion of the Systems Theory in Management?

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  • Published : September 28, 2011
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Question –Justify the inclusion of the systems theory in management? The systems approach to management is a system which attempts to synthesize and integrate various schools of management into one coherent and cohesive management theory. It blends many different theories into one common functional system where all activities of the organisation are grouped into processes such as inputs,homeostasis,parameters,process in outputs and feedback to allow the functional overview of an organisation. Why use the systems approach?

The systems approach helps us to view the organisation as a unified, directed system of interrelated parts. The concept of synergy which means the whole is greater than the sum of its parts means that departments that interact co-operatively are more productive than they would be if they operated in isolation. More productivity will manifest into more profits and ultimately the achievement of the organisational goals

The systems approach enhances communication within an organisation .Various departments within an organisation cannot function alone but communicate inorder to strengthen co-ordination and interaction and also to make sure that the various departments are working towards the achievement f one goal. For example the marketing department cannot function without knowing the exact production levels in the production department and also the availability of resources from the finance department otherwise the organisation will market products which are not available and will not be able to satisfy the consumers

The systems theory emphasizes the importance of educating managers to understand the overall system so that they will realize how actions in their department affect other units. For example, the hiring of a single individual into a marketing department is bound to have some degree of impact on other divisions of the organization over time.

With the systems approach everyone feels part...
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