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xxx S. Asbury #2
Moscow, Idaho 83843
(208) 882-7xxx
Dec. 11, 2001

Mr. Phil Druker
English Department
University of Idaho
Moscow, Idaho 83844

Dear Mr. Druker:

Enclosed is a copy of “Lamb Production and Survival in Lambing Areas and Summer Ranges of a Bighorn Sheep Population Wintering on Big Creek In Central Idaho.” This report is a summary of my findings from the work that I completed during the summer of 2001 on bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis Canadensis) in the Frank Church–River of No Return Wilderness. It will aid in the future management of bighorn sheep in Central Idaho and adds new information to the established baseline data of this population. Funding for this report was approved on October 18, 2001 by your department. I completed the report on schedule and met all my proposed objectives within the allotted budget of $5,998. A slightly revised version of this report will also be submitted to Jeff Rholman of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game; Janette Pope of The Charles DeVlieg Foundation; the Dean of the College of Natural Resources at the University of Idaho, Jim and Holly Akenson, Managers of the University of Idaho’s Taylor Ranch; and will be submitted as an output for the fulfillment of my senior thesis requirement under Dr. Lissette Waits and Dr. Jim Peek.

As promised in my proposal, this report includes information on the lamb production and survival of bighorn sheep in Big Creek during the summer of 2001. This information is then compared to lamb survival and production during the documented Pasteurella related die-off in 1989 and 1990. This report also includes an assessment of the possible shift in lambing area used between past a current studies and a discussion on the possible factors affecting the observed lack of lamb mortality. Through this research, I found that while lamb production was similar in 2001 to production in 1989-90, lamb survival through the summer was significantly different. This suggests that the Big Creek bighorn sheep population is not currently experiencing the affects of the Pasteurella bacteria that was so devastating in 1989-90. It also suggests that the recovery time from a Pasteurella related die-off is greater than 10 years as this population is not yet stabilizing. This report also outlines recommendations for continued long-term monitoring of the population.

If you have any questions and/or comments regarding the interpretation of this report please feel free to contact me at the addresses or phone number above.


Chris McDaniel

Enclosure: Final Report

Table of Contents

Executive Summary5
Problem Statement6
Method Used6

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Executive Summary

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