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Based on the lesson plan above, there are some aspects that we have used to justify our lesson plan. The aspects include teaching writing skills approaches, teaching and learning strategies and teaching aids. The approaches of teaching include process approach, product approach and genre approach. Each approach has its own advantages. In this lesson plan, we also use a lot of teaching aids like manila card, power point presentation, jigsaw puzzle, video and others. Meanwhile teaching and learning activities in our lesson plan include discussion, exercise and others.

Process approach is one of the approaches that my group and I used in the above lesson plan. This is because it involves both writing process and written process. On the other hand, it is also recursive process in which the writer may begin to write, makes changes, and then re-writes parts before he produces the final paper. Hence, based on the activity in the lesson plan above, especially during production stage, pupils will master both aspects which are writing process and written product. In contrast, the product approach is only focusing on written product and does not involve the writing process. When pupils go through the writing process, it will train their mind to be more critical and creative. Thus, this will enhance their cognitive development. For example, when they are asked to answer the questions “imagine you are at the food festival” during production stage, they will creatively think the idea of the event in order to answer the questions.According to Nesamalar, 2005 “the writing process is not merely to writing only, but involves the writes to thinking, discussing, reading, planning, and writing, editing, and re-writing.”

Process approach is also one of the ideal approaches because it is learner-centered. Learner –centered will help pupils to become more independent in learning. Therefore, they will produce fresh ideas rather than use teacher’s idea to complete the...
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