Justice Game

Topics: Michael Moore, Documentary film, George W. Bush Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: June 22, 2011
Conflicting perspectives generate diverse and provocative insights” While conflicting perspectives generate countless insights and agendas, the composer’s selection and emphasis skews the audiences’ opinions of a personality, situation or event. Thus a perspective is coloured with subjectivity, revealing the complexity of issues as controversy may arise. This is displayed in Geoffrey Robertson’s cases “Diana in the Dock: Does Privacy matter?” And “The Prisoner of Venda” and Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11. Robertson's "Diana in the Dock: Does Privacy matter?" examines conflicting perspectives in relation to justice, about the law, privacy and the media. However, in presenting so his arguments are profoundly one sided as he skews his argument with language techniques to convince responders to perceive a particular end of the standpoint. In his opening chapter he utilises a central paradox in her relationship with the media - the desire to be sheltered "from the very world of tabloid editors and paparazzi which had become an essential feature of her life and, in due course, of her death". He indicates this paradox as her desire to be protected from what was "essential" to her and by adding "in due course" he suggests the inevitability of the media's role in her death. Consider this taken from the afterward, "the best often go unrecognised because their genius is to keep their clients out of court rather than in it, or to produce solutions so acceptable that the problem is never heard of again." Robertson played his game by having settled the case out of court and as he believed, "the best side" had a "better chance of winning" with precise and fair rules obeyed. Satirically and ironically he lamentably expresses the missed opportunity to cross-examine Diana to expose further invasion of privacy. Attempting to set the scales he contrastingly concludes by expressing the hope was an enactment of privacy law. Through these conflicting perspectives, we are acquainted...
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