Justice Game

Topics: Law, British Royal Family, Paradox Pages: 2 (757 words) Published: October 12, 2012
The chapter “Diana in the Dock: Does Privacy Matter?” in the Justice Game reveal the contrasting perspectives which arise between the defendants and prosecutors as being symptomatic of the opinions of wider society. However, through his construction of the text, Robertson ensures his own opinion reigns supreme, positioning an audience to ultimately align with own perspective. We are effectively encouraged to value Robertson’s own beliefs; including an emphasis on publicity verses privacy shaping the representation of events, personalities and situations. Consequently opinions are highlighted with subjectivity, revealing the complexity of issues as controversy may arise. Further, Robertson emphasised the efficiency of the adversarial system in endeavouring to provide the best chance at the “game” of the legal system. Contrasting opinions converge to ultimately enforce the sheer power of Robertson through the presented valid arguments regarding the system of government, monarchy and the media to shape how responders receive the case. The conflicting point of views in relation to justice, about the law, privacy and in the media are examined in ‘Diana in the Dock’, which Robertson highlights in order to distinguish the medium amongst public and private. Robertson’s practice of diction highlights his attitude towards Princess Diana and the relationship with the media. Robertson implies that Diana’s death was a result of losing her moral compass and selling her soul to the media by describing her relationship with the media as a “Faustian bargain”. The satirical tone used in “Ms Windsor is cardio funk” referencing to the royal families’ common name Windsor lowers her and allows responders to distinguish Diana on a personal level, hence allowing audiences to be more cynical about the state of affairs and the case itself. Further, Robertson utilizes intersexuality of the book “Diana – Her true story” by Andrew Morton. Robertson’s attitude and tone is deeply sarcastic...
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