Justice for Injustice

Topics: Short story, Security, 2002 albums Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: October 4, 2011
Have you ever encountered injustices? How did you faced it? In the short story, Truth About Sharks by Joan Bauer, Beth, faced injustice at a very young age. I believed that we all come across discrimination and unfairness, and we should stand and speak up for our it because we don’t want other people control our lives. In the story, Beth encountered injustice unexpectedly and pointlessly. She already experienced discrimination against his Uncle Al. Well, it does not bother her that much before, until she learned that she must not just walk away from the humiliation that her uncle Al put her through, after what happened in the shopping mall earlier that day. She was mistakenly accused as a shoplifter when her only goal was to go through the jeans section and get the pants she was looking for. However, the security guard doesn’t bother to listen but instead, made poor Beth be embarrassed in the crowd. Not long enough the police came for investigation and is about to send her to the jail when Beth finally have them to listen to her explanations. The girl that was in the fitting room, was also a very big help for her freedom from the accusation. After everything that came about, she thinks for one moment. It was an ungrateful way of treating her like a robber even if she wasn’t one. With no regret and fear, she went to see the manager and confidently ask them for an apology. She even lied of having a lawyer to clean the mess they made in order to make them a little bit scared. In the end, Beth fought for injustice, and made her feel better than usual. I believe that we should be like Beth even in small things because we can make a change when we have the courage to defend ourselves. Another story of facing injustice is from the story, A Matter of Balance by W.D Valgardson, Harold fights against injustice. He already faced hardships in his life; being bullied in the school yard, to his wife that was killed horribly. The time when he...
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