Justice Delayed Justice Denied

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An Essay And Article on Justice
An independent, impartial, speedy and efficient judicial system is the very essence of civilization. The Supreme Court is the most sacred institution and the supreme apostle of justice in India. But like an anti- thesis to the above, our judiciary, owing to its very nature of functioning, has become ponderous, extremely slow and somewhat inefficient. The imposition of many archonic and dilatory procedures has proved to be extremely damaging to our governance and society. Our laws of interpretation and adjudication have led to enormous miseries for the litigants and have forced people to look for extra legal alternatives. Anyone, who is even remotely exposed to the problem of land grabbing in our cities or a house owner, finds it virtually-impossible to evict a tenant after the notice even to self occupation, can easily understand how the justice system has failed

It is rightly observed that “Justice delayed is justice denied” holds true formillions and of millions of Indians. In fact, delayed justice is sure to defeat the rule of Dharma. Judicial delay results from burdensome legal procedures, lack of sufficient courts, the clogging of the merit-less cases, and the use of the courts to settle the matters which could be resolved by negotiations. Past experiences and instances have proved that judicial delay is always coupled with partiality, corruption and low quality of judgment. Why Justice Is Being Delayed

The present justice delivery system in our country is on the verge of collapse with the piling up of million cases. These are the cases, that take so much of time and that even one generation is too short to receive any reprieve. This really paints a very dark and gloomy picture of the Indian judicial system. The court delays, backlogs and uncertainty associated with outcomes, have diminished the quality of the justice which has led to the loss of confidence of the general public in -the judicial system. The causes are...
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