Justice and Injustices

Topics: Virtue, Justice, Ethics Pages: 4 (1562 words) Published: March 16, 2013
As human beings we are always trying to differentiate right and wrong. We are constantly searching for what is the right thing to do so that we can make sure our actions are just. We do the right thing so we can satisfy our craving for justice.   But there are times where justice cannot be obtained by doing the “right” thing because obtaining justice will always require some sort of action be done even if that action is wrong. Shakespeare’ Julius Caesar shows that before justice can take place there must be injustice.  

Nothing can be gained without first sacrificing something. Justice is the same way.   The sacrifice for justice takes form in peoples actions. Sometimes those actions can be considered unjust, but if they are necessary to obtain justice then they are justified. Brutus knew that having justice in Rome was the number one priority. He knew he could not let anything with the possibility to do harm and cause injustice to Rome thrive. Caesar was a potential injustice and Brutus knew he needed to be gotten rid of. He states, “But, alas, Caesar must bleed for it,” II.I.184.   Caesars’ life was a necessary sacrifice for the justice of Rome and it was the only option to get rid of the potential threat despite it being morally wrong. In order to obtain justice the unjust killing of Caesar was justified.

Only people who know have known injustice know which sacrifices are necessary to bring about justice. As a result only those who have known injustice can bring about justice. The injustice shows what needs to be done in order to bring about justice. Without injustice happening first there is no way of knowing what needs to be done to have justice.   If someone has not experienced injustice it is not possible for him or her to know what should be done to bring about justice. Justices and injustices influence an individual and community at local and national levels, which can in turn impact on the ability of the individual to belong. For example, the...
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