Justice and Abortion Funding

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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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Justice and Abortion Funding
The welfare system helps thousands of people every year to subside their basic needs. If one is disabled or unable to work, one can go on welfare and it will provide that person with basic living needs until the persons are able to reintegrate themselves in the workforce. With these benefits also comes certain limitations, welfare is not given to everyone; certain qualifications should be met before being granted this monetary assistance. Although welfare is beneficial to those in need, it can also be an obstacle to their goals. One case study that illustrates the disadvantages of being on welfare is the case, Justice and Abortion Funding: Biomedical ethics this case study is an example of how people can become dependent on these services.

Sara G is a 35-year-old woman with four children who range from ages one to six. Her husband deserted her when she became pregnant with their fifth child. She is currently two months pregnant and is being supported by public assistance. Her children are being fed and clothed by public assistance; she has no way of starting a career or going job hunting because she does not possess the necessary skills. If she were to find a job she would not make half of what public assistance is giving her and she would not be able to pay for daycare for her four children. Based on her current situation she has decided that she wants to have an abortion. Her case worker has also agreed that once her children were older she would be placed in a job training program where she would be able to gain the necessary skills and have a high paying job. Going through with the pregnancy would delay the plans she already has set for herself. Because Sara G is on public assistance she needs to have an authorization from the social work agency that would authorize the funding for the abortion because it is not a necessitated emergency. In cases involving abortion the decision would have to be made by the social...
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