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[Company Address]
[Company Address]
Nida Sadiq
Case Study on Just Us
Nida Sadiq
Case Study on Just Us
Marketing and the Business Environment
Marketing and the Business Environment

Table of Contents
Executive Summary2
1.0 Environment Scanning4
1.1 Importance of Environment Scanning:4
1.2 Economic and Business Climate5
1.2.1 Canada’s Economy:5
1.2.2 Canada’s Fair Trade Market:7
1.2.3 The US Economy:7
1.2.4 The U.S. Fair-trade Market:7
1.2.5 Business Environment of Just Us:8
1.3 Sales and Key Products8
1.3.1 Fair Trade Sales in Canada:8
1.3.2 Sales of Just Us:9
1.4 Value Analysis10
2.0 Current Marketing Strategy11
2.1 Product Life Cycle:11
2.2 BCG Matrix:11
2.3 The Marketing Ps:12
2.4 Competitor Analysis13
Short-term Strategy14

Executive Summary

On March 1996, Jeff and Debra Moore incorporated Canada’s first fair trade coffee roaster, Just US! It was a worker-owned Co-op, which revolved around the idea of People and the planet before profits.

The Mission statement of Just US was based on strong ethical, environmental and social issues. Hence, the products of Just Us were not only organic, but also Fair-Trade. .

What started as a small coffee shop selling organic fair-trade coffee in 1996, blossomed into a known co-op with 69employees and a management team of 9 by 2009. The decision making process evolved from central to functional, to support its market expansion.

Apart from investing in the third world countries, their suppliers, they also invested in creating more opportunities for the local society they incorporated in. In 2005 JUDES (Just Us Development and Education Society) was launched to increase awareness of social and environmental issues related to international development, the benefits of fair trade, and the power of each consumer to make a difference. Just Us museum and social projects like “the Flower Chart” helped in shifting consumer focus towards the brand.

The Co-op was honored with several prestigious awards, including President’s Entrepreneurial award from Acadia University. With a growing market of fair trade products in Canada, Just Us seemed to be on the right track at first, until the global recession hit. What seems like a success story at first might not be able to survive in the long run if appropriate steps are not taken.


Coffee is the world's second most valuable traded commodity, behind only petroleum. There are approximately 25 million farmers and coffee workers in over 50 countries involved in producing coffee around the world.

Coffee producers, like most agricultural workers around the world, are kept in a cycle of poverty and debt by the current global economy designed to exploit cheap labor and keep consumer prices (Global Exchange, 2012[online]).

“About 85% of Fair Trade Certified coffee is shade grown and either passive or certified organic. Over half of the certified organic coffee is produced by Fair Trade cooperatives, but unless the coffee is Fair Trade Certified, there is no guarantee that the farmer received the benefit. Certified organic coffee in the Fair Trade market receives a $.15 premium per pound” (Global Exchange, 2012[online])

This report looks at Just Us, from a marketing point of view. It tries to assess its internal and external business environment, including its competitors. The analysis then gives way to certain recommendations for the marketing strategy that can be adopted by the company in short and long term.

1.0 Environment Scanning
1.1 Importance of Environment Scanning:

Part of a market audit, environment scanning is the most important step towards a sound and effective Market Plan for any company. Essentially, there are three main steps of Environment scanning according to Lancaster and Massingham (1996):

1. Identification of key environmental forces that are relevant to development of marketing plans, now...
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