Just Us Cafe Strategic Analysis

Topics: Fair trade, Trade, Cooperative Pages: 4 (973 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Just Us (JU) begins to operate in March 7 1996 .Just Us! Is more than brand, it’s an ideology. It is a fair trade coffee cooperative, wholesaler and retailer. Overall situation is beneficial, but they face some issues concerning cafe’s. Jeff and Debra faced some difficulties in foundation period but they find solutions for all. Problems| Solutions|

Lack of money to purchase house and equipment. Lack of member investments only 2500$.| Put mortgage on own house, secure loan from local bank. | Lack of experience in coffee industry and management of a coffee-roster plant and shop| Debra took business class in university.Jeff trained to become “Roast master” |

The initial business structured in this way: Debra as CEO and Jeff as “Roast master” also development manager. The vision of Just Us is “to be a leading Fair Trade business that builds on quality, professionalism and innovation for the benefit all our stakeholders”. The mission:

* To be a viable, progressive and leading Fair Trade business which serves as a model for workers (community) ownership and social and environmental responsibilities. * To serve customers by giving them the best available value, service and information. * To serve the Fair trade producers by developing personal and long term relationships that would adhere to the basic principles of Fair Trade, but more than that, world strive to help the indigenous communities overcome the poverty. * To develop relationship among our co-op members, employees, business associates and the border community based on honesty and respect and to maintain an ongoing commitment to education, innovation and collaboration.

Since foundation co-operative experienced healthy growth and in 2009 it was well known in Nova Scotia, with 69 employees and 9 in management team. Just Us! Activities since opening|
JU experienced healthy growth |
Created jobs in the community and invested in environmental-friendly actions.| Built...
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