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English Mock revision exam

Read source 1, lifesaving with class, by Rory Stamp, from the RNLI magazine, the lifeboat. Question 1:- What do you learn about the beach article about the beach to city programme run by the RNLI?

From the article we learn that that the beach to city programme is run by the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institute) and also that they do good work as a charity which very little I known about them in some places. Their aim is to ‘educate children about the dangers of the seaside and how to stay away from trouble.’ They teach these skills to primary school children because it is said that they are highlighted as a ‘higher risk group’ who are most likely to be unaware of what the RNLI are about. The RNLI teach kids about keeping safe in the sun. They advise to ‘slap on a sun hat, slop on sun cream’ and ‘slip on a T-shirt’ to protect themselves from the sun. Furthermore the RNLI aim to make all their lessons memorable as well as enjoyable, they do these things by getting the kids to take part in play-acting and getting grips with equipment. Their sessions also focus on the use of public equipment (PRE), they do this by respecting and using life rings, throwing lines and emergency communication are very important to them in particular. The advice the PRE give is also aimed towards school children in London. They managed to visit 30 schools there. In the Future the RNLI education team aim to add a fourth city to the beach tour and plan to continue their work as well as adding more for the coming years.

Now read source 2, the article and the picture which goes with it is called, Trapped Chilean miners: rescue drill reaches their refuge at last by David Batty. Question 2:- Explain how the headline and picture are effective and how they link to the text.

Straight away we see the image of the clown because of its amazing range of colours in its outfit the affectivity of the bright coloured clown in the image is because it draws the readers in because most people look at the image before actually reading the article. The connotations of bright colours often put forward positivity and success this may suggest that the writer is happy about something and as we read on and look at the heading it is clear to us why the writer is overjoyed, because the Chilean miners have eventually been rescued also underneath the image it explains that the purpose of the clown in the image is to celebrate with the TV reporters after a drill reaches the miners. If we look closer into the picture we also see some people behind the clown, the reader is immediately intrigued because the reader wants to know why they are there so therefore would want to read the article; which tells us that the people behind the clown were in fact “the miners relatives who have camped there”. The fact they have camped out shows their support, encouragement and they have not given up or lost hope in rescuing their loved ones. In the heading it reads that the “trapped Chilean miners; rescue drill reaches their refuge at last”. From this we can tell that the miners have gone through a lot of struggle to get out of the mine as we read on we realise that 33 Chilean have broken through into a underground chamber and were unfortunately trapped “since august”. Furthermore in the image alongside the clown is a news reporter celebrating with the clown, this shows us that this was a relevant and important issue that had happened and it was necessary for the news to report the story to the nation so that it makes people aware and interested also.

Now read Source 3, saved, which is an extract from the non-fiction book. Question 3:- Explain some of the thoughts and feelings Parrado and Canessa have whilst searching for rescue.

Straight away we can tell that Parrado is a positive man who is determined and is “spurred on by curiosity” and is eager to move forward and see what I at the end of valley whereas his companion Canessa has given up and...
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