Just: Short Story and Author Aida Rivera-ford

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  • Published : October 8, 2011
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Questions| Answers forLove in the CornhusksbyAida Rivera-Ford| Answers forNanking StoreByMacario D. Tiu| 1. Give the gist of the short story.| Aida Rivera-ford present in her “Love in the Cornhusks” how the love story of a former housemaid and a tractor driver ends. Tinang gave up her work as her lover, Amado, deserted their workplace. She’s then married to Inggo whom she gave their first Bagobito. Ford uses flashbacks effectively in highlighting each character and situation being shown. The story takes place over a period of 3 hours or more; with this time Tinang affords to get her former mistress’ approval on becoming his son’s godmother at his baptism ceremony. Also from her mistress, she knew that a letter from Amado was send for her stating an excuse for his departure an d his true love for her. But it was too late. She is now having her own family. The story suggests that every decision making should be inspired by truth.| The author constructs “Nanking Store” with a couple who suffers from their marriage life because they can’t produce a child. Due to that problem conflicts between Linda and her in-laws begin. Peter had two sons from a Bisayan bar girl. But he died one day in a vehicular accident on his way to Santa Ana. After that Linda’s mother in-law become more hostile to her but she persisted to stay at Nanking Store. The enmity between the two grows worse. Until one day her in-laws fly to Manila with Peter’s two sons. Linda bears a child from the mestizo driver. She also flies to Cebu to visit her parents after fetching Oliver.| 2. Who is your memorable character in the stories?| Tinang has been a memorable character to me since I have finished reading the story. She leaved a beautiful reminder to me through her love story; impulsive decision should be avoided through weighing things with the correspondence of truth.| Linda has been a memorable character to me after reading “Nanking Store”. She played the role of a wife being persecuted by her in-laws. But she endured hardship.| 3. Discuss the point of view used by the authors in the stories. Was it effective? Explain.| In the short story “Love in the Cornhusks,” author Aida Rivera-Ford uses the omniscient objective point of view. She puts her pen work in a digital video. Every emotion, scene and setting was all well played by her choice of words.| In the short story “Nanking Store,” author Macario D. Tiu uses the first person point of view. He uses effective and lively dialogs to portray every character. Every emotion, scene and settings were all well-played by his choice of words.| 4. Elaborate the conflict that arose in the stories. Was the use of flashbacks helped resolved the conflicts? Explain?| The conflict in the “Love in the Cornhusks” arose in the leading character’s struggle in overcoming pain. Tinang get married with Inggo believing that Amado had leaved her. It was very late when she knew that the real reason of Amado’s departure, and that he loves her truly by a letter. The author uses flashbacks that help Tinang pain cease. The flashback clarifies the content of Amado’s letter.| In the short story “Nanking Store,” the author put the conflict at Linda and Peter’s problem of not having a child. It falls into enmity between Linda and her in-laws. The author doesn’t use flashbacks in resolving the conflicts.| 5. Discuss the scenes that construct the structure of the stories.| Author Aida Rivera –Ford constructs “Love in the Cornhusks” with a character who suffers from present life due to wrong decision from the past. Tinang dealt difficulties with her marriage life because she was married to a drunkard Bagobo. She decided to build her family with him when Amado leaves her. But she came to know that Amado never meant to leave her through a letter from him. But it was late; she’s now bonded with Inggo.| The author constructs “Nanking Store” with a couple who suffers from their marriage life because they can’t produce a child. Due...
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