Just Lather, That's All

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  • Published : September 19, 2012
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Comparison & Contrast
Captain Torres and the barber are both hardworking and considered heroes, however, they have very different beliefs. The two men are both dubbed as heroes in their own perspective. The barber is noted as so to many rebels because, (as said on page 15), he passes on information on the enemy, Captain Torres and the government, in order to gain the upper hand. On the other hand, Captain Torres murders and mutilates many rebels. This in turn, gives him the respect and admiration of many government supporters and officials. Another characteristic they share is that they are very hardworking, especially when it comes to their job. They exhibit this determination in different ways. The barber is precise with the way he shaves a customer’s beard. He consistently sharpens his razor - not only when he does not have a customer, but also during the shave to make sure no pearl of blood is allowed to seep from its pore. (page 15) Just as the barber does, Torres carries out his job as an executioner with the best of his ability. He plays his role as a military officer well, as proven through his actions. Torres went on a long, four day expedition in search of rebels deep in the woods where he caught, and killed multiple people. (page 13) Despite the fact killing was against his morals, he still did his job without any hesitation. Though these two men may be the alike, they still have their differences. One is against the government while the other is for the government. One may go against their government for their own beliefs, which is what the barber did. The barber states his side when saying, “Yes I was secretly a rebel.” (page 14). Captain Torres, however, supports the government fully. He was a well known executioner amongst the rebels as stated on page . The barber and the executioner are zealous and courageous but they each have their own unique outlook.

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