Just Later Essay

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  • Published : June 14, 2011
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Just Later Essay

Just Later, That's all is a story about a Barber and a Captain. Captain Torres goes into to get his hair cut at the Barbers because he hears a rumor of what the barber would do if the Captain was to come into the barber shop. Captain Torres and The Barber are similar because they both value their jobs where as they are different because Captain Torres values leadership and punishment and The Barber values respect and peace.

Captain Torres and The Barber both vaule their jobs, in one way Captain Torres values his job by killing people without a second thought because it is his job. "But we did all right, you know. We got the main ones. We brought back some dead, we've got some others still alive. But pretty soon they'll all be dead". This is showing that Captain Torres values his job in every way and do whatever it takes to keep his job his. The Barber also values his job when he receives Captain Torres as one of his clients in his barber shop. "And i perform my work honorably....i dont want blood on my hands". This shows that as much as The Barber does not like Captain Torres he still cuts his hair because it is his job and his respoinsibility, which shows that he values his job taking which ever client he may get. Captain Torres and The Barber show that their jobs are important to them and that they value them no matter what sacrifices they may have to make in their duties of working.

Leadership is another value that is important to Captain Torres. "They told me that you'd kill me. i came to find out. but killing isnt easy. you can take my word for it", right there is showing Captain Torres valuing leadership taking one for the team to see if the rumors are true to see if he was to go into the barber shop and get killed by the barber since the barber is not a big fan on Captain Torres. Punishment is also something that Captain Torres values, "the day he ordered the whole town to file into the patio of the school to see the four rebels...
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