Just Following Orders

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Discussion Question 1: Just Following Orders?

Do you believe the sentence she received is just? Wasn't she simply following orders?

Why did Ms. Vinson make the ethical decisions that she made?

In my opinion, from the two articles read I do not believe that the sentence of 5 months in prison that Ms Vinson received coincided with her level of involvement. Ms Vinson was the Senior of Corporate Reporting Department; for two years she chooses to continue to misrepresent and inflate figures that were to be used on WorldCom Financial Reports. Perhaps in the beginning it was strongly encouraged to her inflate the figures by Mr. Ebbers so that the Financial Reports would be favorable for WorldCom. And perhaps she convinced herself that she was just following orders and had no choice, but she had a choice and chooses the one most conducive to her career and personal gain. Also, Ms Vinson who chooses the level of misleading figures data as per her own words that she pulled the numbers “out of the air” suggests to me that she was completely on board with what was happening. So in my opinion deserved a stiffer penalty

Sub-Discussion to Question 1:

I believe that case could have been argued on behalf of Ms Vinson. That in the beginning it she felt intimated by Mr. Ebber when ordered to inflate the figures on WorldCom's Financial Reports. However, she continued for two years she than became a willing participant, she became so involved that she used her experience and knowledge of the system to manipulate the Financial Reports so that the reports would be favorable for WorldCom. I believe that she convinced herself that she was apart of team that had to power to make absolute discussions.

Discussion Question 2: Great Practices or Greed?

Explain how ethics in business and the law are related. How are they different?

What is the impact of ethical behavior on the development of social responsibility for businesses?

I believe that very few times ethics in business and law are associated, ethics in business are unwritten rules for behavior on business practices and laws are written rules set by government to protect people. For instance if you violate an ethical code in business you could face humiliation, a slap on the hand and you move on, but violate a law and you could be arrested and penalized by the rules set by government. However there are times that by violating ethics in business cross paths with violating the law like the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico where as a key player in operations choose to conduct business in an unethical manner for profit.

Sub-Discussion to Question 2a:

Madoff got away with his scam because he was enabled by many people who jumped onboard the money train, this is to say from the some Financial Institutions and Financial Brokers were profiting from collecting fees from the numerous clients they delivered to Madoff's Investment scam. And even through that things had to have seemed suspicions greed overwhelmed ethical responsibility. Therefore I firmly believe that not only Madoff but the numerous institutions and financial managers are guilty of unethical practices; they had an obligation to their clients to done their job properly.

Sub-Discussion to Question 2b:

What is your ethical dilemma if any, and how could it resolved for you? Would you be in a position where the dilemma could not be resolved at your level in the organization and you are a victim like many others. Wow this is a tough one. What needs to be considered? Norm

If I were a Bank Loan Officer and it was explained to me my quota of mortgages that was to be processed and passed through under the ARM mortgages. I would feel it necessary to completely explain to the client of what the process was and what to expect in the future and if they were okay with it we would proceed, if not then they could walk away. But, I am sure that I probability would not have a job for...
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