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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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Yaowamal Luetrakulset (Teem)5488086
Panchika Putthaworapoom (Ja)5488135
Transsexual in Thailand
Good morning everyone, today we are going to talk about why there are so many transsexuals in Thailand. First, we will tell you about the cultural factor. Second, we will tell you about the material reason. And the third, we will tell you the religion reason. After we’ve finished our presentation, you will know the reason why there are so many transsexuals in Thailand and know how things have changed in Thai culture.

Nowadays, our modern world increasingly accepts varies gender and Thailand is also recognized globally as the nation that has accepted transsexualism and welcomed transsexuals with minimal discrimination. The number of transsexuals in Thailand keeps increasing and there are several reasons behind them. So, let’s begin the first reason. First reason is the cultural. Thailand has received worldwide recognition not only because it has the largest number of transsexuals per capital but also because it is one of the nations that readily accepts them as members of society. Bangkok must be a city that understands sexual differences, not just accepting different lifestyles. It must be a friend to every difference. Thai people do not seem to mind or feel disgusted people who are transsexual. More to that, polls conducted on transsexuals in Thailand showed that 40% of their fathers and 66% of their mothers accepted the decisions to alter their genders and in fact encouraged them to do so. Transition: Now, we have finished the first reason. Let’s talk about second reason. Second reason is about the material course. Nowadays, technology in Thailand has much more improved compare to the older day and also there are more professional doctors in this type of surgery than the past. As a result, a surgery becomes much cheaper, safer and more creditable. From the statistic, they said that the cost of transsexual from men to women is around 120,000 to 150,000 baht...
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