Just Be Nice

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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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James Q. Wilson have described as the elevation of self expression over and over self control.Such as a black child was discipline in a Connecticut (1996)for wearing his pants sagging. Stephen Carter’s summary “Just Be Nice” starts out by talking about how life was different back in the day compared to how life is today. Children were taught right and wrong, yes mam and no sir and just simple rules of etiquette in school. Now teachers have to be very careful on what they talk about with students. He believes that if these types of things were taught in school more openly today, then everything would be less violent. Carter then goes on to explain the reasons he feels that society is not trying as hard as it could be. He believes people are more focused on trivial things, then the important things. Carter feels schools have gotten rid of greatly needed academic school programs for less academic inclined programs. Carter makes several very good points on why society in this age is vastly different than what it was decades ago. He believes that society as a whole group must work together to handle things better, so that society may learn to love each one another again and not just tolerate other people. Carter also believes people are mean to each other because they have the right to be and can get away with it. The constitution is there for a reason, but sometimes those rights can be used and abused. “We have let cynicism replace civility.” (672). The world is a bit cynical. Carter explains that even the simplest gesture can become a problem. He feels that people are afraid to do anything nice, for fear of it back firing. Everyone is suing everyone, and that has major consequences. Accidents happen, so sometimes you just have to trust that they didn’t mean to hurt you. There are people in this world that do abuse our freedom of speech, like Carter says. Many children (and adults) cuss severely on a day to day basis, and need to understand that language is a key...
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