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Personal Statement
My name is Abzal Akmoldayev. I am a senior class student of Kazakh-British Technical University which is located in Almaty, Kazakhstan, and my speciality is Information System. I’m writing this essay in order to impress upon you my background, my reasons for applying to Master Degree Program and particularly why I want to study at your university. Since I was a child I am fond of math - “king” of sciences. That is why I chose to study at Zhautykov Republican Specialized Physics and Mathematics boarding school for talented children. While studying at this school I achieved invaluable math and physics knowledge and showed it, when I became a winner of “The 21 century’s Leader” TV quiz show. My results at that show was fourth in Kazakhstan. While preparing to this show I gained not only much new knowledge and experience but also self confidence, I realized great responsibility that was laid on me. After the graduation of school with due my achievements in math, I succeeded to win scholarship at one of the best technical universities in Kazakhstan, Almaty Institute of Power Engineering Technologies, in speciality Computing and Software. I understood my luck and I said myself to do my best at study. Studying here I found way, where I should direct my math inclination in order to use it in practice, because role of computer technologies in modern life is increasing with seven-league and I can take direct part in this by my own way.

While my undergraduate study I took part in some republican and international Conferences of IT projects with my groupmate and Multimedia Technologies course teacher. We made our own interactive board by materials at hand. I write mathematical algorithm for calibration and implement it into software of interactive board. Our project won prizes like “The most feasible project” and “The best multimedia technologies project”. Concerning my work experience, after I was graduated the institute...
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