Just an Essay for the Average Anime Lovers

Topics: Puppet, Sky, Puppeteer Pages: 7 (3195 words) Published: April 12, 2013
A teenage boy sat on his bed, looking at a helmet like object beside him and holding a flashy blue ray disc in his hands. The helmet was of vintage dark blue, resembling the stylish biker’s helmet back in the early 21st century. The white block words on the bottom right of the helmet ran “Neuro Gear”. In the year 2056, advancement in neurotechnology opened up a new uncharted territory in the world of the science, named Full Dive technology. The Full Dive technology was the creation of the century, for the fact that it has made the gaming aspect of human technology a totally different experience fundamentally. By using the NeuroGear, the Full Dive technology redirects the signals the brain sends to the body and sends its own waves to stimulate the five senses as well as controlling the consciousness of players, allowing them to experience and control their in-game characters with their minds. This also renders the player unaware of things going on in the real world due to the brain not sending the body to do anything else other than basic biological processes. The most intriguing part in this technology would be forged sensations, such as pain, to a limit of course. Beaming with excitement, the boy carefully inserted the Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (VRMMORPG) blue ray disc with the words “Infinity Realm” on it into the disc slot in his desktop and connected various cables to the back of the NeuroGear before wearing it. Taking a deep breath, the boy said the initiating phrase: Establish Connection. In a matter of seconds, the scene changed from his view of his room ceiling to a gasping picturesque scene of another world, Edolas. Under a cherry blossom tree, his crystal blue eyes stared out into the sky while his brilliant black hair with stained blood red highlights wavered in the wind. Right in front of him were islands of varying sizes, but all with a distinctive feature: levitating in the sky. The boy took in a deep breath like he always does and it felt realistic, it felt that he truly exist here, on this very land. “Hey Ciel!” a loud voice rang behind the boy’s back. “Shin? That’s pretty early of you to log in,” Ciel replied, while walking towards Shin. Shin was dressed in silvery knight armour, with a long cross sword hanging by his waist. The armour, along with the sword made him look like as if he was a real knight in the medieval times. As he approaches his classmate Ciel, the armours went “clank clank” in a heavy tone. The game has avatar features such as gender, hairstyle, and all sorts of details in it. Even with that, Ciel and Shin did not change their looks as they are pretty confident in their natural appearances, and obviously they did not change the gender to female, they don’t have that kind of fetish. It is unavoidable, however, that some weird people just like to appear as an opposite gender. Just be careful about making friends, you would not want an old scrawny guy in an adorable female character avatar as your girlfriend, would you? Ciel and Shin both swiped their fingers in the air and a hologram menu popped out. They clicked on the teleport option and then the sub-option “Tower Of Oberon” appeared. Infinity Realm is a level-based VRMMORPG. The main goal of the game is to conquer the Tower Of Oberon, which has 101 floors, with a boss on each level. The game has been released for two years now, but the highest floor ever conquered was floor 78, by yours truly Ciel and Shin. Being experienced game players and beta testers, Ciel and Shin knew the game inside out including best levelling areas and equipment hunting locations. Without hesitation, Ciel and Shin tapped on the “Tower Of Infinity” and the scene changed immediately from the lush green island to a gargantuan stone tower which seems to jab into the sky. As they approached the Tower, various players could be seen chatting and trading, with some at...
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