Jury and Angriest Juror

Topics: Jury, Not proven, Verdict Pages: 3 (899 words) Published: January 17, 2013
Karim Zaky 1
Mrs. Lambert
English II
Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose explored the theme ‘Power of persuasion’ through jurors’ # Three, Eight, and Nine. The play is inspired by Reginald Rose’s own experience of jury duty on a manslaughter case in New York City. Reginald Rose was born in New York City on December 10, 1920 and he worked at a series of odd jobs, including a receiving clerk, window cleaner, and camp counselor He served in the U.S. Army in World War II, completing his tour of duty first lieutenant, he had been reluctant to serve on a jury, he wrote “the moment I walked into the court room…and found myself facing a strange man whose fate was suddenly more or less in my hands, my entire attitude changed.” (Twelve Angry Men, Pg.288,378). Juror #Eight is such a great man to turn someone’s life upside down and make him survive such a horrible penalty such as death penalty which no one’s get a chance to correct his mistakes no more, or even regret it, because it just ends the life of that person forever. And all it takes is an approval from the Jurors and the judge and then the case would be kind of closed and then he would be Zaky 2

died that kid will owe Juror #Eight for the rest of his life for giving him a new life, While Juror #Eight is getting criticized by Jurors #Three, Sever, and Twelve but Juror #Eight says that he does not know whether the man is guilty or not but that it is not easy for him to send a boy to his death without discussing the facts of the case.(Twelve Angry Men,P.g290). And it was the right thing to do and just looking at the case from a three dimensional way and not being selfish and self-centered and just voting for guilty and sending that kid to death penalty and ending his life so easily. Juror #Eight Also insists that, “during the trial, too many questions were left unasked”. “He asks for the murder weapon to be brought in” and says that “it is possible that someone else stabbed the boy’s father with a...
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