Jurlique: China Can Be Its Target Country

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  • Published : May 23, 2011
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CEO Letter
To Board of Directors,
As a world-leading cosmetic company of Australia and established in 1985, Jurlique has expanded its customers at a staggering rate recently. I have used its products for many years and am one of its loyal customers. Although Jurlique has conducted its businesses beyond Australia and gradually penetrated into many other countries, it neglects an imperative country that can contribute to boost its sales and profits significantly, namely China. Because Jurlique has not entered into Chinese market, every time I come back to China, my relatives and friends always will ask me to bring them its products. Therefore, I am thinking whether Jurlique can expand its businesses into Chinese market so that its loyal customers can purchase its products conveniently and easily. It is widely know that the most unique quality of Jurlique is its natural elements in products. Almost all the other cosmetic products contain various chemical compositions that may potentially have subtle negative influence on customers. However, Jurlique plants raw materials that its products need on its own and provides pure and natural materials for its products, so that these products are environmental friendly. Due to such unique character, Jurlique gradually attracts more and more loyal customers. Thus, for Jurlique, operating its businesses in China becomes increasingly necessary. With Chinese cheap labour, Jurlique can establish factory in China to manufacture its products. And with the assistance of excellent marketing strategies, there is no doubt that Jurlique can achieve huge success in Chinese market.

Executive Summary
Jurlique can select China to be its target country. As an emerging country, China has the highest GDP growth around the world. This situation means that there are numerous opportunities for various companies to conduct their businesses in this emerging market. Hence, Jurlique can profit from these numerous opportunities by operating its...
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