Jurisprudence Is the Study and Systematic Arrangement of the General Principle of Law

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Executive Summary

Jurists thus have given different definitions of the term ‘jurisprudence’. However, no one single definition can be said to be universally acceptable. Perhaps, the exact connotation of this term is not possible because as a method, jurisprudence deals with concepts which regulate human conduct in accordance with the values, needs and goals of every society. These values, needs and goals etc. vary from time to time and from society to society as also within the same society at different times and hence the meaning and scope of jurisprudence also varies.

It is well known that ‘law’ being a dynamic concept, it changes with the evolution of society under different socio-economic and political conditions. The rapid changes in modern times have given rise to new problems and issues which are to be tackled by law through pragmatic approach in interpreting law. While doing so, the modern jurisprudence has to take into consideration the social ethos and changing patterns of the society which immensely widens its scope as a science of law.

Table of Contents

2.Jurisprudence – it’s meaning8
3.Definitions of Jurisprudence9
3.1.Definition According to Ulpian9
3.2.Definition According to Gray10
3.4.Definition According to John Austin11
3.5.Definition According to Holland13
3.6.Definition According to Keeton14
3.7.Definition According to Dean Roscoe Pound14
3.8.Definition According to Dr. Allen14
3.9.Definition According to Radcliffe14
3.10.Definition According to Paton14
3.11.Definition According to E. W. Patterson14
4.Benefits of Jurisprudence14
4.1.Remove the complexities of LAW14
4.2.Answer the new problems14
4.3.Grammar of LAW14
4.4.Training of mind14
4.5.Grasp on the subject14
4.6.Useful in art of pleading and legislation14
4.7.To interpret LAW14
4.8.To study foreign LAW14
4.9.Importance under the light of different jurists14
4.9.1.By Dr. M.J. Sethna14
4.9.2.By R.W.M. Dias14
5.Scope of Jurisprucence14
5.1.Early period14
5.2.Austinian period14
5.3.Modern period14
6.Purpose of Jurisprudence14


The word jurisprudence is derived from Latin word “jurisprudentia”, means ‘knowledge of law’. The Latin word ‘juris’ means law and ‘prudentia’ means skill or knowledge. Thus, jurisprudence signifies knowledge of law and its application.

According to Oxford dictionary
“It is defined as jurisprudence is the systematic and formulated knowledge or science of human law.” In this sense it covers the whole body of legal principles in the world. The history of the concept of law reveals that jurisprudence has assumed different meanings at different times. It is therefore, difficult to attempt a singular definition of the term. It has a long history of evolution beginning from classical Greek period to 21st Century modern jurisprudence with numerous changes in its nature in various stages of its evolution. Scholars of jurisprudence, or legal philosophers, hope to obtain a deeper understanding of the nature of law, of legal reasoning, legal systems and of legal institutions. Modern jurisprudence began in the 18th century and was focused on the first principles of the law of nature, civil law, and the law of nations. General Jurisprudence can be broken into categories both by the types of questions scholars seek to address and by the theories of jurisprudence or schools of thought regarding how those questions are best to be answered. Contemporary philosophy of law, which deals with general jurisprudence, addresses problems in two rough groups:

Problems internal to law and legal systems as such
Problems of law as a particular social institution as it relates to the larger political and social situation in which it exist. During the formative era of the common law in England, the term “jurisprudence” was being used in a...
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