Jurisprudence Assignment

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  • Published : February 8, 2013
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Answer the following questions by referring to the Nurse Practice Act from the Texas Board of Nurse’s website (www.bon. state.tx.us) & (www.tpapn,org) and other relevant source.  
Answers must be in APA format.(Question & Anwer). APA format means writing down the listed questions, using complete sentences, correct spelling, grammar & punctuation.  In addition, a reference page & source(s) of information citations are required.  (6 points)  

Q1 What is Impaired Nursing Practice? (5 points)
Q2.Which group of nurses are most at risk? (8 points)
Q3. What are the contributing factors that lead to chemical dependency in the nursing population? (8 points)  
Q4.List the warning signs of chemical dependency/abuse in the nurse? (8 points)  
Q5.Who does the nurse first report to when she/he finds a nurse impaired due to chemical dependency and/or mental illness? (5 points)  
Q6.What is the Board of Nurse’s responsibility following such report when an impaired nurse is in violation? (8 points)  
Q7.What are the methods of discipline imposed by the BON for intemperate use of alcohol or drugs or mental incompetency? (10 points)  
Q8. State the mission of Texas Peer Assistance Program for Nurses. (8 points)  
Q9. What are the functions of Texas Peer Assistance Program for Nurses? (8 points)  
Q10. List the guidelines the Board of Nurses by rule 301.4106 developed that the Peer Assistance Program must comply with. (8 points)  
Q11.Identify what would constitute grounds for disciplinary action for possible violation of the NPA 301.452 and Standard of Nursing Practice? (10 points)  
Q12. Discuss briefly your opinion on violation by a nurse of the NPA due to use/abuse of a chemical, drug or mental illness. (8 points)