Jurassic Park Paper

Topics: DNA, Francis Crick, Genetic engineering Pages: 1 (353 words) Published: November 28, 2011
In the movie, there is much talk about evolution with dinosaurs and how they lived on the Earth over six million years ago. The movie is based on the use of DNA to revive a lost species. What happened was tha the paleabotanists were digging, and they found a mosquito that had been conserved in tree sap, and took DNA from it and used it to recreate a new strand of DNA. In the movie they used DNA from frogs which carry a similar strand of DNA as the dinosaurs did. And combined them to create a dinosaur DNA strand. Essentially, what they were doing was cloning the dinosaurs. However, they made sure to control a certain chromosome in which they were able to make sure that the dinosaurs were all female, they did this in order to prevent unauthorized breeding. However, one of the scientists that went to see if he was goig to endorse the park stated that “life will find a way”. Interestingly enough, the dinosaurs began to lay eggs and therefore more dinosaurs began to arise from this remorseful experiment. The reasoning for this reaction was, that certain frogs in a homosexual envionmant would spontaneously switch from female to male or vice versa. That is what happened to the Veloca Rapters. Which led me to believe that they must have used similar frogs to complete the dinosaurs DNA and that Life certainly foud its way. This move, although it seems as thought this could never happen, opens a door for scientist to try similar experiments. But this movie can also be used as a tool and a model for scientists to realize the dangers of playing God. This is probably very much possible with genetic engineering today, however using powers that are not ment to be used by humans could lead to devastating consequences. In todays world, the genetic engineers can now clone humans, whats to say they wont stop only at cloning sheep, they might start cloning humans and even worse scientists could create different creatures that were never meant to exist. The World may...
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