Juno of Taris

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  • Published : May 10, 2013
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Juno of Taris
Juno is a 13 year old girl. She is bald and so is every other person in Taris. She is very athletic, she likes swimming and going for walks across the mountains for her little adventures. All the people in Taris have to wear plain tunics not brightly coloured ones. They have to dress like that because instead of spending time on their appearance and what they look like; they have to use their time to survive.

Juno always gets her work done and takes action. She’s also very active. She stands up for herself and what she wants. There are 500 people in Taris but Juno is the only person that stands out to me because she is different to the other people in Taris. I think she is interesting because she asked why to shave their hair was a rule and it must have been a risk to ask the Governance Companions that question.

Juno mentioned that she wanted to grow her hair to the GC’s but they rejected her. She always throws tantrums whenever Nixar came to shave her hair every Friday. She eventually gets over it but once she starts hanging out with Vima, she’s in the influence of growing her hair again.

Juno is interesting because she seems to be quite rebellious by climbing the mountains which is really risky and that place is also forbidden but she always goes there with Vima and they go for swims without the other people in Taris knowing.

So overall, Juno seems to be quite the confident and always having-a-go type of person. My personal opinion on her is that she is hard-working and she’s really smart. She likes to have fun with her closest friends and they always have a good time. She doesn’t really care about what people will think of her and she’s not selfish. She’s always helping people out, and she’s a normal, teenage girl.
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