Junkyard Wonders Book Review

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  • Published : July 16, 2012
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The Junkyard Wonders
Lacy Cavanaugh
Concordia University
EDAD 5351
Dr. Laura Wilson
July 12, 2011

The Junkyard Wonders
* Book Review of The Junkyard Wonders By Patricia Polacco. This book was published in 2010 and is 46 pages in length. I chose this book by looking for a story of differences and how the characters were able to embrace their differences and grow from them. * I think that this book is very relevant to the course because it tells a story of a child who was put in a “special” class referred to by others as “The Junkyard” because it was primarily comprised of students with special needs. The students in the story were very aware of their differences from other students and were often made to feel bad because of it, but a special teacher believed in them and taught them to see how special they truly are. I think that this speaks to the bottom line of this course, that everyone has differences, but us as educators need to help our students realize that differences make us special and unique and learn to appreciate them in ourselves and others. * In the book The Junkyard Wonders, the main character, the author herself, Patricia Polacco is labeled as dyslexic. At her previous school all the other children knew of her struggle to read like the other students. Upon moving to a new school she is excited that no one will know about her learning challenges, but is put into a class with other challenged students, which is referred to as “The Junkyard”. She soon learns that her class is called “The Junkyard” because all of the students are different and odd like throwaway junk one would find in a junkyard. She has a very special teacher that refuses to let the students in the class feel that they are inferior to the other students in the school. They end up working in groups on a project with items that they collected at the local junkyard. The group that Patricia was in found an old model airplane and decided to rebuild it and add a...
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