Junk Food in Schools

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  • Published : September 8, 2013
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RUNNING HEAD: Junk food should not be in schools

Are junk foods in schools a reason children are becoming so obese these days? I think it has a part of it. Children start seeing vending machines and soda machines in schools as soon as they begin their education. They see their parents and teachers and other adults eat and drink the items out of the vending machine and soon enough the children themselves are drinking a can of soda a day or sugared filled drink and a candy bar. This is a bad habit that causes young children to get addicted to the sugar and caffeine at a young age. But would these children still drink the soda and eat a candy bar if they weren’t so easy to get. I am not for having soda machines and vending machines in schools, especially elementary schools.

Schools can be a great start to helping with this obesity in the world. Over 95% of children go to school; if all of these 95% receive a healthy meal for lunch and receive the physical activity then obesity could go down. Schools need to begin teaching children at a young age to look towards the future. If a five or six year old child is obese then it is almost guaranteed that they will be obese in the future. It is not just the parents’ responsibility to teach their children good and bad. Even if a parent is teaching their child to eat correct and the healthy foods but their child sees everyone eating the fun sugar filled foods or greasy foods they are going to want to eat them as well (Nihiser, 2008). Schools should always have healthy foods for children, if a child is given the right amount of protein, fruits, vegetables, dairies, and grains then they can learn better. Junk food in schools should have never even been brought into school in the first place. Why would an adult want to feed high amounts of sugar to a young child anyways? These children are being feed these sugar filled foods and drinks and teachers are wondering why they don’t listen or would sit still. If a small...
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