Junk Food

Topics: Chocolate, Chocolate chip, Milk Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: April 25, 2013
"How to make the perfect brownies"

Brownies are one of my favorites desserts; sweet and tasty. This dessert is a nice way to finish a meal. I think that people who like chocolate will be happy for a delicious brownie, before or after a meal. Brownies are available in many stores, but it isn’t hard to make them at home. The preparation process is very easy for everyone, even if you have never baked in your life. Before we start the preparations, we will need to have the necessary ingredients, and tools. The ingredients are: one and half cups of sugar, three fourth cup of flour, three fourth cups of cocoa powder, three eggs, three fourth cups of melted butter, and three fourth cups of semi-sweet chocolate chips (the quality of the chocolate will make a huge difference for a better taste). I recommend Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate chips. For the tools, we will need one medium size bowl, one spoon, a rubber spatula, and a 9×13 baking dish with parchment. Now, when all necessary things are ready, we can start. First of all, one of the important rules of making brownies is that the eggs must be at room temperature. Also, I would suggest preheating the oven. The assembly of the ingredients is about as easy as you can get. Combine in a bowl the sugar, flour, cocoa, eggs and melted butter, and mix. Mix the ingredients by hand with a spoon until the dry ingredients are incorporated into the wet and then stop. Stir in the chocolate chips (you can also add some nuts, for example walnuts).Next, we will take a 9×13 baking dish with parchment. It’s important to cover the bottom, as it will pull away from the edges while baking. Now, with the rubber spatula, transfer the mix from the bowl into the dish. Put the dish into the oven for twenty to thirty minuets at 325F. Always use a timer, which will remind you of how long your brownies have been baking. Turn the oven off the last five or so minutes and let the heat from the oven finish baking your brownies.The brownies...
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