Juniors and Seniors Prom

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Juniors and Seniors Promenade 2012

It was a magical night when the stars descend from heaven and danced the enchanting affair away. All I can see are beautiful faces shining in their marvelous formal attire.

Our JS Promenade was the finest one that we’ve ever had and the Seniors will surely be treasured in the rest of their lives. The engaging event was hosted by very charming and handsome emcees, Patricia Addie Jimenez and Archie Marbella. We started it with the entourage of the princesses accompanied by their partners. After, the Doxology of the TLC performing Arts followed by the Tableu was performed. Our BED-Principal, Dr. Rosa D. Anonat was not there, so the Hermana of the Month, Ms. Janet Siayngco gave the Opening Remarks. Followed by the amazing voice of April Taway who sung "My Valentine", a song fit for the season of the hearts. The most awaited highlight of the promenade was the Cotillion, where the talented dancers show up their struts in the open dance floor. Their move was worth gazing upon even though one of the members lost her heels and headdress. However, I know they enjoyed it a lot.

A fourth year student, after that amazing dance, Rina E. Desuyo, declared the class will and testament which tells more about the skills and talents of every student in a class. All of the talents and skills of the fourth year students were inherited to all third year students, even the comedians and the kikays of every section. Students were grateful to accept those different endowments. After, Betj Jasareno delivered her class prophecy, she has prophesized what they will become in the future. It is fun hearing those prophecies but suddenly` those beautiful professions turned into just a dream. However, that dream turns dark and eyes were seen nothing, when a dim of candle light appeared. But that wasn't a dream anymore. As it turns to reality. While each partners were lighting their candles everyone was singing the song "One Little Candle" and it was...
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