Jungian Analytical Psychology and the Process on Individuation

Topics: Analytical psychology, Carl Jung, Collective unconscious Pages: 2 (410 words) Published: November 24, 2012
The process on individuation is central to Jungian analytical psychology, as Jung believed that individuation is the driving force behind humans’ “yearning for completeness within the human experience, and the search for wholeness” (Russell, & Ryback, 1996, p.2) in their life-long conquest to achieve a distinctive but coherent and balanced personality. Besides the genetics and the psychosocial environment, Jung believed that a third force influences the dynamic formation of human individuality and that is the ‘collective memory’ of previous civilizations, memory stored and available to humans, in the ‘collective unconscious’ (Munteanu, 2012; Douglas, 2011). While hard to prove scientifically, quantum physics does not refute this concept (Science Channel, 2011; Munro, 2011). As a therapist, I believe that I should be the open-minded guide and facilitator of client’s individualized explorations and life experiences, supporting client’s pursuit of holistic self-realization; guiding client’s exploration of his/her archetypes, the attitudinal type and the preferential decision making mode, would facilitate client’s understanding of own psychic energy flow, and would empower the client to address and develop his/her unconscious/conscious balance, advancing the individuation process (Munteanu, 2012; AtheneWins, 2011; Russell, & Ryback, 1996). The counselling methods I would use to sustain this process, while client centred, would also need to be very creative and interactive on my part, as the counsellor; I would be making use of a variety of strategies within an environment of customised but constantly challenging and supportive at the same time. I would need to maintain myself on an perpetual self-development and self-reflection ‘carousel’, in order to ensure that I continuously upgrade my skills to the levels required to provide that balance of challenge and support, to all of my clients; within my practice, I would use a variety of methods, such as...
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