Junenile Justice System Should Focus on Rehabilitation

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  • Published : May 1, 2011
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Juvenile Justice System Should Focus on Rehabilitation

University of Phoenix

Juvenile Justice System Should Focus on Rehabilitation
Rehabilitation over Punishment, why one is better or more effective than the other, in order to answer this questions one must understand what each means. Punishment is a consequence of doing something that is unacceptable, it is meant to be unpleasant, the problem with punishment is it does nothing to address the social or mental processes that maybe contributing to delinquency, nor does it address why an individual commits the unacceptable act(assosiated content, n.d.). The juvenile justice system should focus on rehabilitation because while punishment may be unpleasant we need to focus on mental health assessment and services for youth (modelsforchange, n.d.). Most youth who are only punished reoffend because the reason for the initial offence was never addressed. Youth Outreach Services (YOS) focuses on mental health assessment and services for youths because upon identifying mental, emotional or ongoing problems caused by trauma the youth can receive follow-up testing or immediate assistance. The identifying of these problems can help family members understand and also better help the juvenile. In the last two years 95% of the juveniles that went to the rehabilitation program and screening of YOS avoided re-arrest (modelsforchange, n.d.). If we do not focus on rehabilitation we are depriving both society and the offenders of their full potential (the league of young voters, n.d.). Law enforcement and rehabilitation meet in programs such as DARE where police officers go to schools and help educate the youth on the dangers of drug use and gang involvement. While police officers are there to protect and keep the peace they are not always trained to be able to communicate with the youth on a level that the youth can respond too. Sometimes the police and used to scare teens straight and let them know that if the follow the path of drugs, gangs and violence they will be taken to prison. Juvenile rehabilitation and the court process, the independent juvenile court is a specialized court for children, designed to promote rehabilitation of youth. Many serious decisions are made before the juvenile trial begins, such as whether to detain youths or release them to the community, whether to waive them to the adult court or keep them in the juvenile justice system, as well as the decision to treat them in the community or send them to a secure treatment center. When making disposition decisions, juvenile court judges can select programs that will improve life skills and help youths form an affirmative bond with society (, 2005). The Juvenile Justice System also uses deferent terms than the Adult Criminal Justice System, some of the differences are respondent for juveniles versus defendant for adults, Delinquent Act/Offense for juveniles versus crime for adults, adjudication hearing versus trial, found delinquent versus convicted/found guilty, disposition versus sentencing, detention versus jail, and juvenile rehabilitation authority versus prison (Clallam County Courts-Juvenile Court, n.d.).

Probation and Juvenile Rehabilitation, probation is a direct court order where the offender is ordered to remain under community supervision, emphasizing treatment without the need incarceration. Probation is the principal form of community treatment used by the juvenile justice system, the juvenile who is on probation is retained in the community under the supervision of an officer of the court. While on probation a set of rules and conditions must be met for the offender to remain in the community. Juveniles on probation can be placed in a wide variety of community-based treatment programs providing services that ranging from group counseling to drug treatment. Community treatment is based on the principal idea that the juvenile offender is not a danger to the community and...
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