Junaid Jamshed

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In a short time span of 3 years, Junaid Jamshed has built credibility in the market as a designer wear outlet for men and women with a unique range of products. J. helps people build an elegant image that is in sync with their cultural and social values. J. at-a-glance:

Headquarters: Karachi
Founded: 2002
Flagship Store: Kurta Gali, Karachi
Approximately 34 outlets in 15 cities of Pakistan
The Core Values:
The distinct core values of J. define the company, its products and its customers; whether internal or external. J. identifies strongly with indigenous cultural values and traditional ethos produced in its products with sophistication. Dying crafts from centuries past like gota and block print are being revived at J. to present a glorious local heritage to the world in an aesthetic package. Quality is never compromised upon at J. whether in a fabric, its cut or its stitching. In fact, attention is paid to finer details; nickel free buttons are used on all Kurtas as nickel is not environmentally friendly, all Sherwanis are handmade to achieve finesse, imported thread of a finer thread and strength is used in all products which ensures no puckering or tearing at the stitch. Innovation is unbridled with the introduction of new products; abayas and fragrances in the Pakistani market being a case in point. Finally, J. believes in unflinching integrity towards satisfying the customer. Beyond the Horizon:

J. has its eyes firmly on expanding to various cities nationally and internationally as well as diversifying its product range in line with market trends to become a complete fashion stop for its clientele. In the coming years, God willing, J. will be a market leader in manufacturing and retailing Pakistani specialist designer wear across the world. Products:

J. has been successful in introducing and popularizing formal and casual Pakistani wear for men specially. The range of its exclusive products include formal kurtas, shalwar kameez, kurtis, hand woven kurtas and chappals for men and the entire wedding package for the groom including the traditional sherwanis, turbans and khussas made in exquisite cuts and highlighting the fine art of eastern embroidery. J. offers an exclusive line for women as well. Naerang or the ‘colors for women’ is an impressive range of vibrant hand woven, block printed, screen printed and Lawn fabric printed in vivacious colours, as well as trendy kurtis and traditional abayas. J. has also been the first to launch a designer brand of perfumes for both men and women. The collection of mesmerizing fragrances consists of both attars and perfumes some of which go back over a century in their formulation technique.

J. Loyalty Card:
For its loyal customers, the brand welcomes them to the world of JUNAID JAMSHED privilege membership where they find the best Designer Wear and much more as the price always wanted. Junaid Jamshed designer outlets not only you the most exotic traditional wear but also finest quality exquisite. Junaid Jamshed Loyalty Management System is a significant tool to reward its customers' loyalty through attractive incentives. J. Card holder will benefit exclusive discount and bonus points on their transaction that can be redeemed online through any J. outlet. J. issue Customers Privilege Card to it’s customers in order to offer discount and maintain bonus points for J. card holders.

Silver Card:
Allows you 10% discount. Can be obtained on minimum one time purchase of Rs.3, 000.

Gold Card:
On minimum purchase of Rs.50, 000 you are entitled to possess Gold Card that offers 15% discount.

Junaid Jamshed outlets are located in almost all of the major cities in the country and planning for go internationally as well. Our active outlets are as under:- Karachi
Dolmen Mall (P.E.C.H.S)021-4321066 -77SHOP # LG -10 & 11, LOWER GROUNG FLOOR, DOLMEN MALL,TARIQ ROAD, P.E.C.H.S,
Dolmen Mall (P.E.C.H.S)SHOP NO. S7/S8, 2nd...
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