Jumping Hurdles

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Jumping Hurdles
extraordinary obstacle course is called life, we all are here for one reason and that’s to live. Overcoming a challenge is tough but if you stick to what you believe in it will take you to different places. Carrying around plates with food has turned into a backpack of books. My biggest challenge so far in life is finally to step foot on college campus, for some its easy but for others like me its more complex. Long hard work days and short night with my friends was my schedule before I started school. It’s hard for me to just come to school and think everything’s going to work out great because I’ve personally seen some bad incidences where school caused the problem. I’m glad I worked sixty to seventy hour work weeks before school because now I know in life if I do not get educated that is what I will be doing the rest of my life. I love going to work because it is punishment that pays; I don’t want to be here, I have to because I can’t go anywhere else without a paper that says I’m smart and that’s called a degree.

Waking up every day tired from yesterday and can’t rest or anything because I have a ten hour work shift sucks and it continued every day. I got so caught up with work that I forgot that the world is much bigger than the restaurant I work in or my paycheck I get. That’s why I decided to step into school I finally locked in with a major that would fit me because I would never want to wake up doing some job that I don’t enjoy. My first job I ever got was a restaurant that specialized in Indian food and snacks, it was a good one but it had me working all day and I never got time to do other things. Since this is my first job I was scared of my boss at first and didn’t tell him much, but after time passed we got to know each other and I finally got comfortable with him and told him truthfully that hey I need to get back into school because I don’t see a future as a cashier for life. He helped me create a schedule that...
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