Jump Start Your Career with an Mba

Topics: Management, Business, Master of Business Administration Pages: 2 (496 words) Published: June 15, 2008
Many of the world’s top managers have one thing in common – they have an MBA. The MBA (Master of Business Administration) is the gold standard for business degrees. There is a huge range of business degrees available, including generic ones like Batchelor of Business Administration (BBA) or specialist degrees in areas like Finance or Marketing. However, few of these degrees focus on Management, or even have any substantial Management content.

Most people who work in business start off in a functional area such as Finance or Human Resources and are later promoted to a management position with little knowledge of what’s really involved. At this point they often decide to enrol for an MBA course in order to improve their management skills. However MBAs can also be useful to recent graduates and can reduce the time it takes them to achieve a management post.

MBAs were first introduced in the USA in the late 1800s and for many years they remained an American phenomenon. The first European MBAs were introduced in the 1940s and provision in Europe, and particularly in the UK, has grown ever since. Many people believe that a European MBA is superior to an American one, as they are often more rigorous and usually incorporate a thesis. European MBAs are particularly attractive to foreign students as they allow them to live and work in Europe before returning to their own country with a highly valued qualification and the skills required participate in business ventures with European partners.

Because they appeal to so many people, MBAs are usually offered in a variety of modes, including full-time, part time and distance learning, either paper-based or online. They can be studied in a variety of locations, but many people like to study in a major European capital like London or Paris. London is a particularly attractive destination, since it allows students to improve their English while studying for their degree.

An MBA normally covers a variety of areas,...
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