Julius Ceasar: Brutus Is the Tragic Hero

Topics: Julius Caesar, Roman Republic, Augustus Pages: 2 (627 words) Published: May 18, 2011
The Tragic Hero of Julius Ceasar:
Marcus Brutus
In the play Julius Ceasar by William Shakespeare, Marcus Brutus is the tragic hero. Brutus is a tragic hero because he has Tragic Flaws. Brutus’s first tragic flaw is that he is naive; he is not a shrewd judge of people. As Caius Cassuis states, “Well, Brutus, thou art noble. Yet I see/thy honorable mental may be wrought /…There for it is meet / That noble minds keep ever with their likes / For who so firm that cannot be seduced?” (1.2.319-323). This shows how naïve Brutus is because he does not see that Cassuis is trying to manipulate him. Brutus’s second tragic flaw is that he has rigid ethics; he thinks he is unmovable. Brutus states himself that “[he is] armed so strong in honesty, / that they pass by [him] as the idle wind” (4.3.75-76). Brutus thinks he is unmovable because he is so honest that nothing can break him down, and because he has these tragic flaws he is a tragic hero.

Many tragic heroes are characterized by good and evil, and Brutus has good and evil characteristics. Brutus’s good character is that he is caring. After Brutus allows his servant Lucius to sleep he calls, “Boy! Lucius! Fast asleep? It is no matter. / Enjoy the honey-heavy dew of slumber /…/ Therefore thou sleep’st so sound” (2.1.240-244). Brutus is letting Lucius sleep and this show his good characteristic, that he is caring.

Brutus is also characterized by evil. He is characterized by evil because he betrayed his good friend, Julius Ceasar. When Brutus stabs Ceasar, Ceasar’s words to Brutus were “Et tu, Brute? Then fall, Ceasar” (3.1.84). In this scene Ceasar is surprised that Brutus is with the conspirators who murder him, because Brutus was a great friend to Ceasar. Brutus betrays their friendship by stabbing Ceasar. Brutus’ bad and evil characteristics make him a tragic hero.

Brutus faced a downfall, which is an event that tragic hero’s face. The hubis, or the person or thing that cause Brutus’s downfall...
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