Julius Ceasar

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Essay: Julius Caesar

Everyone has his or her own way of gaining power. However, when they gain power they can get anything they want. In William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, there are many characters that do many rare things to gain power of the people. Julius Caesar will do anything he can to get what he wants. Also, Mark Antony uses the art of persuasion to achieve his goals. Lastly, Cassius has the ability to manipulate people to gain power. Within the play Julius Caesar, the theme of power and ambition is developed through the following characters: Julius Caesar, Mark Antony and Cassius.

To begin, Caesar shows many ways of being powerful and ambitious. Firstly, people obey powerful people. After Caesar tells Mark Antony to do something, Mark Antony says, “When Caesar says do this it is preformed” (I ii 10). Mark Antony obeys Caesars orders because Caesar has more power. Secondly, powerful people do not rethink their decisions. After Metellus asks Caesar to help his brother he says; “I could be well moved, if were as you;/ If I could pay to moved prayers would move me/ But I am as constant as the northern star” (III I 58-60). Caesar does not rethink his decisions because his power and popularity keeps him in charge. However powerful and ambitious people are not liked by everyone.

Mark Antony carries the trait of being a powerful and ambitious person. Firstly, if someone can persuade other people it usually ends up with gaining power. While Brutus and Cassius wait for the battle to begin Mark Antony says: “No Caesar, we will answer on their charge/ Make forth; the generals would have some word” (V I 24-25) Mark Antony has the art of persuading people to gain his power. Secondly, a powerful person can rule over everyone. As Mark Antony, Octavious and Lepidus sit around a table Antony says: “These many then shall dies; their names are pricked” (IV I 1). Antony can kill someone from all the power he has. Although he is a powerful and ambitious person...
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