Julius Caesar Villain Essay

Topics: Julius Caesar, Roman Republic, Commentarii de Bello Gallico Pages: 2 (886 words) Published: April 28, 2015
Julius Caesar Essay
A cruelly malicious person who is involved in or devoted to wickedness or crime, scoundrel. This is the definition of of a villain or in other words Julius Caesar. Throughout the times, historians argue that Julius Caesar was one of the worlds greatest villains. He is depicted as being a villain as he slaughtered one third of the population of Gaul, forced his way back into power and made himself dictator and consul and was assassinated by his fellow consuls. To a large extent, Julius Caesar is considered villain because of his cruel nature not only as a leader but as an individual during his time.

When Julius Caesar left 20,000 women, children and elderly to die of starvation during the Battle of Alesia, this automatically awarded him the title of a villain. After Julius Caesar and his army defeated the gauls he killed and enslaved one third of the population of Gaul. This included the 250,000 who were killed in the battle and also the 20,000 women,children and elderly who starved to death while trapped inside side the walls of Alesia. For example, Historian Neil Faulkner states “​

In the league table of mass murderers, Caesar is up there with Hitler and Stalin”. ​
Caesar brutally murdering one third of Gaul not to mention other countless wars where he murdered is highly relative to this statement as Caesar can be compared to Hitler and Stalin as they to murdered a mass number (genocide) of people during their reign as leader. In saying this, Julius Caesar must have murdered a mass number people including the Battle of Alesia to be ranked high up with Hitler and Stalin. Therefore, with the evidence provided it seems as though to a large extent that Caesar can be considered a villain as he murdered a mass number of people during countless wars including the Battle of Alesia. Another reason why Caesar is considered a villain as he took over Rome by force and also made himself temporary dictator. The motive behind Caesar taking over Rome was...
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