Julius Caesar Study Guide

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Julius Caesar Study Guide
1) Flavius- Noble, who doesn’t like Julius Caesar, took down decorations to honor Caesar and silenced. Marullus-Same as Flavius
Carpenter and Cobbler- Common people, clowns, workmen
Caesar- Leader of Rome, gains a lot of power, successful leader Brutus-Political leader, comes from a respected high family, naivety brings his downfall Casca- Opposes Caesar rise to power, a Senator, noble but not very smart Calpurnia- Caesar’s wife, worships him

Antony- Caesar’s best friend, asked by Caesar to touch Calpurnia so she can become fertile Soothsayer-Fortune teller,
Cassius- Antagonist, main conspirator, dislikes Caesar
2) The play starts out with the cobbler and carpenter dressed up on a workday because Julius Caesar has come back to Rome, Flavius and Marullus tell them to get back to their work and not celebrate his return. Both of them get in trouble and were stripped from their powers for removing decorations celebrating Caesar. Caesar wants Anthony to touch Calpurnia because he wants an heir to the throne. The soothsayer says beware of the Ides of March, then Cassius tries to convince Brutus to join the conspirators. Casca is scared by the storm and feels like something bad will happen. 3) The cobbler and the carpenter are dressed up nicely on a workday. They are celebrating but not working. 4) Flavius and Marullus are upset because Caesar is back. 5) They get in trouble to taking down decorations celebrating Caesar. 6) Caesar wants Antony to touch Calpurnia so she can become fertile. 7) Caesar is concerned about not having a child because there will be no heir to the throne. 8) A soothsayer is a fortune teller. He warns Caesar to beware of Ides of March. 9) The Ides of March is March 15

10) Cassius tries to convince Brutus because he is well loved by the people. 11) Brutus fears the people wanting Caesar to become king because Caesar will take his power when he becomes king. 12) Caesar rejects the crown three times because he wants to be known as humble and for the people. He wants to show that he is not greedy for power or trying to trick people that he wants the crown but does not want it now. 13) Caesar might be unhappy after doing this because people cheered when he did not accept the crown or because of the seizure which made him sad 14) Cassius’ weight meant that he is a dangerous man with wide ambitions; he will do whatever he wants and won’t stop until it is done. 15) The storm is distressing Casca because he thinks that Gods are punishing him, he feels something bad will happen in the future. 16) Omen is kind of like foreshadowing that foretells something bad will happen. Casca witnessed the lion, owl, ghostlike females, and people on fire but aren’t burning. 17) Casca, Cinna, and Cassius are plotting against Caesar at the end of Act I. 18) It is necessary for Brutus to join the conspiracy because he is loved by people and Caesar loves him. Caesar’s trust can be used to trick Caesar and what the people say, Brutus will follow. They are gonna write fake letter from the “people” saying that they want him to overthrow Caesar. Act II

19) Lucius- Brutus’ Servant
Decius- One of the conspirators that uses flattery in the plot to kill Caesar Metullus- Conspirator
Portia- Brutus’ wife
Ligarius- Was sick when brought to Caesar’s house to kill him. Becomes a conspirator Artemidorus- A noble that wants to save Caesar
Trebonius- Last of the conspirators
20) The 8 conspirators plot to kill Caesar.
21) The Conspirators are Decius, Metullus, Ligarius, Trebonius, Casca, Cinna, Cassius, and Brutus. They all have grudges for Caesar except Brutus. 22) Brutus’ reason for joining the conspiracy was that the “people” wanted him to kill Caesar. The others have grudges and want to get back at Caesar; Brutus does not have any grudges on him. 23) Brutus changes the conspiracy by adding honor and...
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