Julius Caesar Speech

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  • Published : October 12, 2014
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Julius Caesar Essay
In Julius Caesar, a play written by William Shakespeare, a character by the name of Mark Antony makes a funeral speech after his “friend” Brutus allows him too which would become Brutus’s undoing. While Brutus’s speech focused on using loyalty to Rome and Logos, Antony uses mainly Pathos to gain the crowd’s favor. And extremely effective it turns out to be, Antony manages to have the citizens of Rome revolt and mutiny against the ones they almost cried Caesar against. Antony implements very exact but simple words to convey his message. He uses tone to use his emotion to gather in the people showing his sincerity through his words and actions and uses syntax especially repetition and parallelism to draw the reader in.

In Antony’s speech, his word choices are simple but effective to convey his message to the citizens of Rome. He especially uses two words throughout his speech, the words “ambition” and “honorable” in which the words take on exactly what they are the opposite of. Ambition which we usually think of a bad thing, and Brutus said was one of Caesar’s faults. But rather than Antony list ambition as a negative quality he uses it to paint Julius in a kind light. He asks how is ambition filling Rome’s coffers and bringing wealth to its people, how he sympathized with the poor and wept with them, and how he refused to crown thrice. Antony also used the word “honorable”, a word we associate with respect, dignity, integrity- to describe Brutus and Cassius. Several times does Antony describe Brutus as “honorable” and that he will not speak badly against Brutus though each time he speaks of Brutus he becomes more of an insult than a compliment. That this honorable man stabbed Julius Caesar his friend, and Antony shows the corpse of Caesar- show the dead body and the many stab wounds that the Senators inflicted and how “honorable” Brutus was doing this deed. How honorable Brutus was by literally and figuratively stabbing Julius in the back...
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