Julius Caesar: Politically Correct or Politically Corrupt?

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  • Published : January 3, 2012
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Julius Caesar: Politically Correct or Politically Corrupt?

Morality: most commonly defined as a set of ideas developed in each individual’s head to decide whether something is wrong or right. On the smallest scale of moral code, being that of each individual, there are great variations. To someone who lives the life of a vegan, it is morally wrong to eat meat, dairy, or be involved with any products what-so-ever derived from an animal. On the other hand, to someone who does eat meat this is all perfectly okay. While this may not seem like a major moral conflict, it actually is because whether you agree or disagree with either of the two greatly affects your everyday life. If you take moral code to a larger scale, saying that of a whole society, there is a greater common trend of certain ideas. Under good morals: helping others, working hard, sharing, loyalty, and honesty. Under bad morals: stealing, lying, jealousy, hurting others, betrayal and revenge. Since moral ideals can differ from one person to the next, then logically they could change from each generation or time period to the next. So, how is the loss of morality within the political sphere of Julius Caesar to be judged? By today’s morals, or by those of its time period? Since no writer of today could possibly know what exactly was going through Shakespeare’s head at the time he wrote this play, then no one could possibly fully understand what was considered moral within this play or not. Ultimately, one such writer would be forced to use morals that are based within modern times. Within the play, Julius Caesar, the goal of the major political figures was deemed honorable by some but not by others thus causing a greater focus on their corrupt reasoning and the loss of morality within the political sphere of this play.

Jealousy: the mental instability brought upon oneself by resentment or fear of another’s good fortune leading to unfaithfulness. By this definition, jealousy would be considered...
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