Julius Caesar Final Essay

Topics: Iraq, Gulf War, Saddam Hussein Pages: 3 (1075 words) Published: May 15, 2011
Does the threat a person or a county presents justify murdering people who might be innocent? An unknown author once said, “Take risks: if you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be wise”. This quote applies to that question and any other risk taking situation there is out there. If the people are guilty, then you’re happy; and if they are innocent, you learn from it and become wiser. It is okay to murder a person(s) if they present a threat to society that could be catastrophic or worse, fatal.

In “Julius Caesar”, a play by Shakespeare, the question of murdering people who present a threat comes into play. In the play Casca says, “Speak, hands, for me” As Casca strikes, the others rise up and stab Caesar (A3 S1 84-85). This is the quote that Casca says before he and the other conspirators kill Caesar. They had been planning the assassination for a while and they got what they wanted. Brutus later says, “… If then that a friend demand why Brutus rose against Caesar, this is my answer: not that I loved Caesar less, but I loved Rome more… ” (A3 S2 21-24). In this speech to the Plebeians, Brutus addresses that he did not kill Caesar out of personal

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rivalry because Caesar was his friend. However, he says he killed Caesar because he loved Rome more and he did it for the good of Rome. Later in the speech Brutus says, “… Had you rather Caesar were living, and die all slaves, than that Caesar were dead, to live all freemen? As Caesar loved me, I weep for him …” (A3 S2 24-26). Here Brutus is talking about how if Caesar continued being a dictator, all of Rome would be slaves but now they’ll be free; then he says that he weeps for Caesar as much as he loved him. Even though the people of Rome really loved Caesar, Brutus was convinced by Cassius that he was causing a plague upon Rome and that is why Brutus took part in the stabbing. Even though killing Caesar really wasn’t the right decision because the people loved him, Brutus was convinced that...
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