Julius Caesar Euology

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  • Published : January 15, 2013
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Julius Caesar was born in July 100 BCE and ever since he had escaped the womb, he lived up to the expectations of a good Roman. He was born into a patrician family which claimed descent from Lulus. When he was sixteen he became engaged to Lucius Cinna’s daughter, Cornelia. He was soon forced to go into hiding but he remained trustworthy to his fiancé and he refused to give up their bond. If you ask me he was quite a sentimental man. After those tragic events that were set upon him, he joined the military and excelled at everything he did as he worked his way to the top. He conquered Gaul around 49 BCE and he continued to expand Rome. At the battle of Pharasalus, in Greece, in 48 BCE Julius Caesar defeated Pompey. Us common people welcomed Caesar with open arms, parading the streets and cherishing his conquests. It may be true that he had ambition, ambition to only benefit us for brought change to us, a new start. We could not have asked for a better ruler for Caesar was the definition of an honorable man. He cared about every one of us deeply and always kept us at heart when making decisions. Everything he did was for the good of Rome, and for the good of us. I will never forget the day the Lupercal feast when he turned down the crown! What a noble and selfless act! A little piece of Caesar will always be with us and he will be dearly missed. He was a noble person, a spectacular leader and I shall always look up to him. The day he died shall not be forgotten and his death will not be in vain. Together as one we shall celebrate his life and grieve his death. If grief or sorrow has beseeched you, accept it for we are here to mourn for the life of this most noble man. Caesar will be dearly missed and Rome may move on to new and better things but it will be because of Caesar that we have come to where we are.
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