Julius Caesar Essay

Topics: Roman Republic, Julius Caesar, Mark Antony Pages: 2 (347 words) Published: October 13, 2011

A composer has a purpose in intentionally assembling a text in order to depict their personal agenda. This is conveyed

to the audience throuh the utilisation of the vehicle conflicting perspectives. Also, the presentation of a text

significantly affects the audience's overall perception of its set of values.These concepts are illustrated in the

Shakespearean play,'Julius Caesar'.

Julius Caesar was published in 1623 during the Elizabethan Renaissance period. It is centrally based on envious

conspirator's plotting against their potential king in order to gain power within the Roman society. The play encompasses

many instances of conflicting perspectives in terms of the viewpoints of various characters.

Conflicting perspectives can arise within oneself and can be formed of others, possibly in relation to a particular

situation or event. Such an event is Caesar's death, upon which Brutus and Antony make tribute speeches. Their

orations are clearly conflicting, on the basis of their approaches in gaining the approval and agreeance of the Plebians.

This can also be seen in their seperate perspectives as to how effectively Caesar conducted his rule. Brutus believes

Caesar to have been overly ambitious, hence justifying Caesar's assasination as neccessary, "QUOTE", with a bitter and

resentful tone, a language technique utilised by Shakespeare to clearly outline for the audience Brutus's stand on the

situation. Mark Antony, however, praises Caesar through appealing to his Plebian audiences' emotions, "QUOTE", persuading

them to agree with his conflicting perspective.And so, Shakespeare has used this to clarify the situation for the audience.

Conflict is a technique utilised by a composer which allows for the creation of tension. This is achieved through the

composer's choice of specific language forms and features. The perspective an audience possesses is also subject to

conflict, altered...
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