Julius Caesar Essay

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  • Published : February 24, 2015
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Julius Caesar Essay
In the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, Brutus was convinced by Cassius that killing Caesar was a good idea for the good of Rome. So he kills Caesar at the crowning. After the killing of Caesar. Caesars death was seen as necessary for a variety of reasons. Brutus shows three different character traits stoic, manipulator, and orator. One character trait that Brutus shows a lot in this play is stoic. Brutus shows very little emotion when his wife Portia had died. (4.ii.147-149) Brutus: “No man bears sorrow better, Portia is dead” Cassius: “Ha! Portia?” Brutus: “She is dead.” This shows Brutus is acting like nothing is happening, even though his wife just died. He’s being stoic by showing no emotion. Brutus is unaffected by please and pain. (4.ii.18-28) “Our reasons are so full of good regard, you should be satisfied.” Brutus is acting like he’s not effected in any way that Caesar id dead instead he is very much happy he’s dead. The second character trait, Brutus shows is manipulation. He tries manipulating people and causing them to behave in the way he wants them to. (4.i.46) Brutus: “Then in my tent, Cassius enlarge your griefs by this quote Brutus does not want people to see him fight because he wants everyone to think they get along. Brutus is controlling and wants things to go his way. “I will in this night in several hands in at his windows thrown as if they came from several citizens.” In this scene Brutus is being manipulated by Cassius. Cassius goes over and throws a whole bunch of fake letters threw Brutus’s window. The last character trait for Brutus is orator. Antony goes up and gives his speech and cries to everyone manipulating them and leaving Brutus for his last speech. (3.ii.75-109) Brutus: “Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears.” By this quote Brutus gave his speech in a very direct and precise tone, although he does not attempt to persuade the crowd to believe his reason. He uses psychology and emotional...
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