Julius Caesar Essay

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Julius Caesar
In the Julius Caesar it was wrong of them to kill Caesar for the reasons they had. Examples of why this was wrong are people thought that he was a strong leader and supported Caesar. Another reason the conspirators wanted his power was so that they could have control of the people and property of Rome. His enemies wanted him dead, but the common people of Rome had an invested interest in his survival. Caesar also believed in protecting his empire and was a brave person. Caesar showed his bravery by ignoring the soothsayer by going to the celebration in the Plaza even though he could be killed. The first reason it was wrong was the leaving of the land and money to the people of Rome. This shows that he cared for the people and didn’t want to be a dictator or powerful leader. The people would disagree with this saying that Julius had no family to leave his assets to or if he wasn’t the people of Rome still would be serfs without the money and land. Another reason to show this was wrong is that the enemies of Caesar wanted his power and the control of Rome. The enemies used coercion to get him to the Plaza where they wanted him to be. Caesar might have listened to the soothsayer and kept himself safe. The enemies also used coercion to try to turn more people in the kingdom against him. Now this could be right because it showed the true colors of Cassius and fellow conspirators wanting the complete power of the Roman Empire. The enemies also thought they could provide better rule for the Roman Empire. The last reason this killing was wrong is that Caesar was a strong leader and showed this with his bravery and compassion. Caesar showed his leadership abilities by convincing the Roman people that he was just like them and cared for everyone of them and their empire. The conspirators knew this and that’s why they wanted him dead. The other sides argument was that they felt Caesar thought he was better than everyone else and kept...
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