Julius Caesar Conflicting Perspectives Essay

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  • Published : June 25, 2012
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Analyse the ways conflicting perspectives generate diverse and provocative insights Composers often use conflicting perspectives to generate diverse and provocative insights into personality, event and situation. In Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, the playwright utilises conflicting perspectives on the personality of Caesar as a leader, as well as conflicting perspectives of the motivations of the conspirators, to dramatize one of the more important historical events of modern democracy. Thus, through a range of dramatic and literary techniques, Shakespeare explores these conflicting perspectives, these generating diverse and provocative insights into the general’s death. Antony’s funeral speech in Act 3 Scene 2 provides a conflicting perspective on the personality of Caesar as a leader, a view diametrically opposite to that of the conspirators, generating a provocative insight. His eulogy serves the purpose of arousing support for the fallen leader. Antony subtly exploits the general outpour of emotions, undermining Brutus’ previous speech. In his highly rhetorical dialogue, Antony successfully sways the allegiance of the plebs who, not so long ago, desired ‘Caesars better parts to be crowned in Brutus’, into a torment of vengeance and mischief. He achieves this affect through utilising pathos, appealing to the audience sense of morality, rather than logic as previously done by Brutus. Antony employs language that is both inclusive and emotional, emphasised through the tricolon of invocations. He calls upon the mob first as ‘friends’, then ‘Romans and Countrymen’, and then proceeds into his dichotomous presentation of ‘good’ and ‘evil’, stressing the reprehensible death of ‘faithful and just Caesar’. The pathos is accentuated by his use of aposiopesis- ‘my heart is in the coffin with Caesar, and I must pause till it come back’, drawing attention to the emotional implications of the murder which Brutus has deliberately understated. As such, Antony’s speech, flowing...
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